Two 2016 County Fair Photography Entries


The first photo is one I took during the two-horse-hitch and cart and wagon team competition at the Henry County Fair in 2015. It’s a pretty nice snap!

Farm equipment (ABOVE) just keeps getting bigger and bigger, doesn’t it? This powerful-looking farm tractor was on display at the fair in Napoleon, Ohio.

The following two tagged pictures (BELOW) are scans of photos I entered in the 2016 Henry County Fair Photography Show for amateurs.

The kitty-cat fondly looking at the bird-filled trees outside her screened-in window spoke to me of entrapment. Her eyes say she only can look and wish. I entered the photo in the Color Prints, 5×7 to 8×10, Animal Class. Shooting the snap through the mesh screen seemed very appropriate to her all-seeing, but not-able-to-do, expression.


A single pink tulip was my choice for the Color Snapshots, 4×6, Class for Flowers.


The photo (BELOW) soon became one of my favorites of the ones I snapped at the 2015 Henry County Fair:


The little fellow with the cute, pet-friendly ears was ultra willing to be noticed! I returned several times to spend petting time with him and snap photos. He seemed to enjoy the idea as much as I did!


Of course, one of the main features at county fairs is Standardbred (harness) racing. I like the snap of these two pacers competing because their drivers are visible only by their heads and feet!

Enjoy your county fair!

All Photos from the personal and copyrighted collection of Barbara Anne Helberg

(More general photography by this author may be viewed at: )


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